Designing an amazing app is not the tricky part. Maintaining it, improving it, and optimizing it acc

The brief: Dumpster: Designing an App with Continuous Feedback Dumpster is a recycle bin app – the first ever for Android users that lets them recover anything they might have deleted from their mobile, whether a document, image, music file, or anything else. No need to worry with Dumpster – you can recover anything you might have deleted by accident.

We worked with the Dumpster team in a collaborative way, changing and updated the app as it developed in response to user feedback.

Dumpster now has more than 30,000,000 downloads. And counting

What we did: Total redesign of strategy & look

New Revenue Streams

We created new profit models, including the “Dumpster Theme Market”, which allows users to customize the look of the app according to their selected theme. We also introduced popups that offered specific features to users, such as purchasing ad removals, lock codes, new screens, and other features.

Better Positioning on Google Play We improved the visibility of the app in the Google Play store, with new messaging & a design that highlighted the app’s benefits. We presented the screenshots in a narrative way that was easy to understand and that emphasized new features.


We created training screens & an onboarding process for the app, which explained to the user in a clear & concise way what the app could do, showed them how it was done, and how they could try it themselves. This converted more downloads into more active users, more repeat users.

Updates We updated and adapted the app for the latest Android versions, using smart notifications, quick access to settings, and other features. We helped Dumpster respond quickly to changes in the Android operating system, and every time a new feature was released by Android, we checked how it can be used to serve the app & its capabilities.

The results

New features, new income streams, & a higher ranking in Google Play.

The Dumpster Theme Market: created new revenue, generated user interest, and gained great reviews from users.

New Upgrade Packages: we identified the needs of specific users and created customized packages to meet those needs. Since the launch of the new upgrade packages, Dumpster has seen an increase in app revenue.

Training screens: increased % of users who became regular users

Arik Hochner, CEO: “As a result of the changes Porat Shalev made to the app’s design, we saw a 10% increase in its user base. They were great to work with and professional – their team of experts really delivered for us, providing us with creative artistic design that also meets our strategic business goals.”

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