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Hello Design Ltd. (Formerly Porat Shalev & Co.)

We are a Tel-Aviv based digital agency specializing in creating digital products & experiences, UX UI design, and branding for startups and tech companies.

We are a product design & branding agency specialising in human-centered design. Based in Tel Aviv, we work with tech companies & start-ups to create products that make a real difference.

Hello design, Hello UX UI

We help entrepreneurs define and visualize their venture, taking them from idea to product that people will love

Featured projects

We are a UX/UI design agency and we love building digital brands & products

We have extensive experience working with startups, hitech companies, and VCs in Israel and globally, helping to create product & brand strategy.


We specialize in branding, UI/UX, content, naming, and strategic development. We design and develop web apps, native apps, and you-name-it apps for a wide range of industries, including fintech, traveltech, HRtech, crypto, cyber security, insurtech, medical, information technology, IoT – pretty much every tech available.

Why hello?

We use design thinking and design sprints to save our clients time & money. We deliver work that usually takes months, in just weeks or even days. We ship fast and focus on testing with real users. It's that simple. No fancy schmancy, no added sugar.

What our clients say

“I would define Hello as a one-stop shop to make your product really stand out. Ohad is a real professional, a great team player and proficient in all aspects of UI/UX. It's a real pleasure working with him”

Alik Hochner, CEO

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